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  • The Second “Data Intelligence and Knowledge Service” Conference On May 11, 2021

    About the Conference In the era of data intelligence, on the one hand, with the growing volume of data, there are increasingly high-dimensional data, high-order data and heterogeneous data. On the...

  • 关于举办第二届“数据智能与知识服务”研讨会的通知 On May 11, 2021

    关于举办第二届“数据智能与知识服务”研讨会的通知         在数据智能时代,一方面数据量不断增长,愈加呈现出高维度、高阶态和异构性的特点,另一方面,知识构建、机器学习、人工智能等技术在飞速进步。如何对海量数据进行分析、处理、挖掘和表示,获取有揭示性和可操作性的信息,从而为人们在基于数据制定决策...

  • Index to Volume 1 & Volume 2 On Dec. 5, 2019

        Data Intelligence 2019 (volume 1) articles have been all openly accessible at http://www.data-intelligence.org/. Below lists the index. To go to the full-text page, please just clic...

  • Data Intelligence now indexed in INSPEC and DOAJ On July 22, 2020

    We are proud to announce that Data Intelligence has been indexed by the internationally renowned databases INSPEC and Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). Data Intelligence is now indexed in I...

  • Data Intelligence Newsletter, July 2020 On Oct. 14, 2020

    DI Data and Facts 1. TheThird Issue organized by our board member Valentina Presutti and Mari Carmen Suárez de Figueroa Baonza Published   Constructing and Cleaning Identity Graph...