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  • Barend Mons
  • Barend Mons is Professor of BioSemantics at the Human Genetics Department of Leiden University Medical Center and founder of the BioSemantics group. Next to his leading role in the research of the group, Barend plays a leading role in the international development of "data stewardship" for biomedical data. For instance, he was head-of-node of ELIXIR-NL at the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (until 2015), is Integrator Life Sciences at the Netherlands eScience Center, and board member of the Leiden Centre of Data Science. In 2014, Barend initiated the FAIR data initiative and in 2015, he was appointed Chair of the European Commission's High Level Expert Group for the "European Open Science Cloud", from which he retired by the end of 2016. Presently, Barend is co-leading the GO FAIR initiative, an initiative to kick start developments towards the Internet of FAIR data and services, which will also contribute to the implementation of components of the European Open Science Cloud. The focus of the contribution of the BioSemantics group is on developing an interoperability backbone for biomedical applications in general and rare disease in particular.
  • Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barend_Mons


  • Sir Nigel Richard Shadbolt
  • Sir Nigel Richard Shadbolt is Principal of Jesus College, Oxford, and Professorial Research Fellow in the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford. He is Chairman of the Open Data Institute which he co-founded with Tim Berners-Lee. He is also a Visiting Professor in the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton and Past President of the British Computer Society (BCS). For fifteen years, Nigel was Director of the AI Group at the University of Nottingham where he established an international reputation for work in Knowledge Engineering. Shadbolt is an interdisciplinary researcher, policy expert and commentator. His research focuses on understanding how intelligent behavior is embodied and emerges in humans, machines and, most recently, on the Web, and has made contributions to the fields of Psychology, Cognitive science, Computational neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer science and the emerging field of Web science. Nigel has published some 170 articles on various facets of AI, and has written and co-edited four books (including the CommonKADS textbook). He is Emeritus Editor in Chief of IEEE Intelligent Systems, an Associate Editor of the International Journal for Human-Computer Systems and on the editorial board of the Knowledge Engineering Review. Nigel has been an invited lecturer at numerous national and international conferences; he has been program and technical chairman of a number of conferences and workshops. Nigel is a member of various national committees including the Human Sciences and Technology Sub-Committee of the UK Defense Scientific Advisory Committee (DSAC), and the UK e-Science Technical Advisory Committee (TAG).
  • Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigel_Shadbolt


Deborah L. McGuinness

  • Prof. Deborah L. McGuinness, Senior Chair of Tetherless World Constellation, Professor of Computer, Cognitive, and Web Sciences at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She is a leading expert in knowledge representation and reasoning languages and systems and has worked in ontology creation and evolution environments for over 20 years. Most recently, Deborah is best known for her leadership role in semantic Web research, and for her work on explanation, trust, and applications of semantic Web technology, particularly for scientific applications. Deborah is co-editor of the Ontology Web Language which has emerged from Web ontology working group of the World Wide Web (W3C) semantic Web activity and has now achieved W3C Recommendation status. She helped start the Web ontology working group out of work as a co-author of the DARPA Agent Markup Language program's DAML language. Deborah's main research thrusts are in languages, tools, and environments for the semantic Web.


Qiang Yang

  • Prof. Qiang Yang is currently a Chair Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He received his MSc degree in Astrophysics, MSc in Computer Science and PhD in Computer Science at University of Maryland, USA. His research interests include transfer learning, machine learning, planning and data mining in artificial intelligence. He is also the President of IJCAI, Executive Council Member of AAAI, and Editor in Chief of IEEE Transactions on Big Data. He was the founding Editor in Chief of ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology. He was the founding director of the HKUST's Big Data Institute. He is a fellow of ACM, IEEE, AAAI, AAAS, IAPR and CAAI.
  • Website: https://www.cse.ust.hk/admin/people/faculty/profile/qyang









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